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Pet Photography Sessions

I offer a number of pet photography photoshoots from £40 – please contact me for my Pet Photography Brochure

  • Outdoor lifestyle session
  • Indoor studio session
  • Mini-shoot – great for Yearbook images

Pets Brochure Request


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How And Where Do You Photograph Dogs?

We love photographing your dogs where they are happiest - some would refer to be on the move constantly and are better photographed outside (in a safe place) where we can capture their true character. Others will be happy to sit in a more formal studio setting - I have a mobile studio set-up that I can bring to you where your dog won't be distracted from posing formally. 

I Can’t Decide Which!

When deciding on portraits of dogs or even your kids, think first about the style of your home and where you'd want to be hanging the artwork. If your home is very laid back and relaxed, outdoor portraits taking in images of your dog in the wider landscape might be more 'you'. If you're more formal, then a carefully-lit studio set up might sit better with your existing decoration.